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When it comes to our greatest strength, it’s the people – our experts. They’re the reason we guarantee your business will benefit from working with us. Our experts know which tools to pick, and which technologies will optimally suit your needs. That’s why we’re enthusiasts of light, efficient technologies that allow us to create reliable and scalable solutions.

Throughout the process, we’ll be your Technological Partner, from specifying your business needs to choosing the right technologies, software architecture, developing the solution, optimizing the UX and UI, testing, and finally to successful deployment, maintenance, and support.


We can help you with:

Web applications

We’ll develop web applications to suit your needs and help your business grow. We’ll even help you specify your business idea before starting the development process. Our team will lead you through the whole app life-cycle: from defining business goals, through creating the design, choosing the technology, to publishing the product, and providing support and maintenance.

Mobile applications

Get the mobile app to meet your business needs. We’ll choose the project management methodology and tools to best focus on user experience, app usability, and user interfaces. For us, mobile app development is intrinsically linked with the business needs of our partners, and we always have this perspective in mind. We develop native applications for the Android and iOS platforms.

Customization of Atlassian tools

We’ll create any plugin you need for any tool in the Atlassian line-up. We’ll customize Jira to best suit your needs, develop any solution and gadget, and optimize Confluence for you. Get the most out of the tools designed to support your work environment. Start planning your workload effortlessly, achieve full transparency and better predictability to make your organization more efficient.

Software Maintenance

We’ll support you in the maintenance of your software. You won’t have to worry about maintaining control over the software’s day-to-day functions, software modifications, or identifying any security threats. We’ll ensure your software is functioning properly and bug-free. You can count on us as your technology partner.

Migration to Public Cloud and IaC (Infrastructure as Code)

We’ll help you smoothly migrate your infrastructure to Cloud. We treat IaC the same way we treat software development. We’ll start versioning the code in the repository, then move on to revisions and approval. After approval, we’ll deploy the code using CI/CD and then move on to the testing. This way we create code that can be migrated regardless of the infrastructure.

Our recipe for success:
Event Modeling / Event Storming

Each challenge is different, but there is one constant: Event Modeling / Event Storming. It’s the life force flowing through every step of our Custom Development process. Event Storming allows us to fully understand your business needs and processes. It helps us solve even the most difficult phases of any project. It facilities collaboration, simplifies and helps us map even the most complex business challenges.

“Software development is a learning process, working code is a side effect.”


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