Verify customer data
quickly and effectively

Comply with state regulations and protect your business from fraud


Make your business decisions safe
and secure with DataSpotter

Create any verification path you need to simplify and automate the whole verification process. Define the scope of verification, and data sources
to easily determine the credibility of your clients.

The advantages of DataSpotter

High level of security at every level
Full TCO optimalization
Quick and seamless integration
Low infrastucture and maintenance costs
Very high scalability and reliability
High level of automation of the whole process
High level of service availability
Cost flexibility

Prevent fraud
with DataSpotter

DataSpotter will help you automate KYC / AML class checks performed in the process of B2B customer verification. It will allow you to prevent fraud, identity theft, money laundering (AML), or financing of terrorism.

DataSpotter simplifies and automates the customer verification process and significantly reduces the number of manual tasks you need to perform.

3 steps of the customer verification process


Verification of company data

Designation of the real beneficiary and business representatives
Verification of representation form, address and statute of the activity
Verification of the company website
Identity control
Business sanctions list verification
Checking the company’s presence in the gambling registry

Designation of the real beneficiary and business representatives

Business sanctions list verification
Verification of a person in relation to exposed political position

Seller verification

VISA verification
MasterCard verification

With DataSpotter you get :

Verification of identity documents
Checking the website for trade in goods excluded from the market
Identity documents verification (UBO)
Counterparty credit risk assessment
Verification of UBO presence on business sanction list
Contractor data verification in terms of embezzlement using payment terminals
Verification of a person in relation to exposed political position
Verification of the contractor's presence in gambling-related registry

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