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Jira doesn’t have to be a burden!

Get Jira consultants who will help you turn Jira into a communication and process facilitator and simplifier. We’ll make Jira easy to use for anyone from your team, eliminate any unnecessary impediments and make your internal and external processes smooth and efficient. Jira Sofware was built and designed with agile methodologies in mind, and we’re experts in agile methodologies!


How do we make Jira Software your ally?

Audit, consulting, and training

Get a comprehensive audit of your internal processes and the technologies you use. Find out what’s slowing your company’s growth. Choose training sessions and consultations to expand your understanding of Jira, introduce new product functionalities, and take full advantage of your tools.

Process Automation and Optimization

Your business and IT departments can complement each other. We’ll optimize your processes to match your needs (with the help of Event Storming & Event Modeling). We’ll find the right software to best address your challenges and help you achieve your goals.

Development of Custom Plugins

We’ll create any plugin you need for any tool in the Atlassian line-up. We’ll customize Jira to best suit your needs, develop any solution and gadget, and optimize Confluence for you. Get the most out of the tools designed to support your work environment. Start planning your workload effortlessly, achieve full transparency, and better predictability to make your organization more efficient.

Software Maintenance

World-class support and maintenance services catered specifically to businesses with complex and integrated Jira environments. We’ll ensure your software is functioning properly and bug-free. You won’t have to worry about maintaining control over the software’s day-to-day functions, software modifications, or identifying any security threats. We can support and maintain Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Jira Core in even the most complex of environments.

Jira services we provide

Jira Implementation
Jira Integration
Jira Maintenance
Jira Customization
Jira Consulting
Atlassian Licenses

How do we do it?

At Hobly, we make seemingly random elements fit together. We understand your business needs, and our help will facilitate collaboration, simplify complex issues and allow you to map even the most complex business challenges.

change of behaviors
small improvements
implementation of
methods and tools taking
into account
linking strategic
and operational processes

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