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Adapt Quickly with Visual Sprint Planner

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Visual Sprint Planner (VSP) allows you to achieve predictability and transparency in your company. It’s fully integrated with your team’s Jira scrum board and lets you visualize sprint planning and execution processes, so you can react to any unexpected changes. Choose VSP to complete each sprint and fix any unforeseen issues that arise.

The advantages of using VSP

Plan your sprint directly in Jira using Scrum Boards and Jira Issues

Learn how your sub-tasks impact tasks based on same-time visualizations

Visualize tasks and sub-tasks in real-time

Update your plans using easy drag and drop controls

Compare the “planned” vs. “actual time spent” using Jira native time tracking on a visual timeline

Find out which team members have too much work and who have to wait for other team members

Increase work

Project effectively, and increase the deliverability of your sprints by simplifying sprint planning and execution. Plan tasks and sub-tasks using simple drag and drop mechanics and set time for each task. Observe how time is burnt in each task and adapt accordingly to help your team.

Improve team

Eliminate any unnecessary feedback and updates from your teammates while maintaining a high level of effectiveness. Reduce time spent on meetings and statuses while working remotely. Evolve the sprint execution process to make it seamless and entirely visual. Get all the information you need by just looking at one view and benefit from the extra time.

Achieve full

See the current state of all tasks quickly and adapt accordingly. Effortlessly review the commitments of all members of your team and avoid bottlenecks in your sprint. Simplify the monitoring progress and easily access all the data needed for efficient planning.

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