Verify customer data
quickly and effectively

Comply with state regulations and protect your business from fraud


Make your business decisions
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Data Spotter simplifies and automates the customer verification process and significantly reduces the number of manual tasks you need to perform. It gives you:

Full automatization of the customer verification process

Bulk customer verification

Full customization of the verification process

Full verification of the company’s ownership structure

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) optimization

High scalability

Secure integration with clients’ processes and systems

Cost flexibility


The customer verification process of Data Spotter

Automate Know Your Clients and Anti-Money Laundering class checks in the onboarding process.

Create any verification path you need to simplify and automate
the whole verification process.

Define the scope of verification
and data sources to easily determine the credibility of your clients.


The customer verification process of Data Spotter

Type of verification:
Database / Tool
Verification of identity documents
PayCasso, Au10tix
Identification of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO)
CRBR, DnB, Transparent Data
Verification of UBO presence on business sanction lists
Sanction Spotter, DnB
Verification of persons in relation to exposed political position (PEP)
Sanction Spotter, DnB
Checking the website for trade in goods excluded from the market
G2 Compass
Counterparty credit risk assessment
Contractor data verification in terms of embezzlement using payment terminals
Visa, Mastercard
Verification of the contractor’s presence in gambling-related registries
Ministry of Finances
Verification of EU-based businesses
Exclusion of companies involuntarily involved in the so-called “VAT carousels frauds”
White list of VAT taxpayers
Verification based on external data or custom sets of rules and regulations
Verification of business entities with warranty deposits
Ministry of Finances
Integration with any client’s database

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